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Anurag Ganguly
3 min readOct 23, 2018


Marketing has evolved a lot since the beginning of placing ad units on websites that generated a lot of traffic seamlessly and now termed as Digital marketing as a whole. There is a high streak in the graph where one can come to know about the boom in brands sharing ad spaces online vs. traditionally (print, radio, television, etc). It becomes pretty hard to say whether Internet marketing would totally replace the traditional practises of marketing and branding, but yes there is a possibility that it will surely take a higher place in sharing the space together. Digital marketing clubs all the Internet marketing, social media optimization and marketing, search engine optimization practises to rank on SERP’s and many aspects to market some brand over the web and Internet media.

If you are a business and looking to get your business or brand get a good amount of attention, it is better to know why you should opt for going digital.

1- Why digital marketing?

Who looks at the prints these days?

Imagine being at any busy area or a public place where most of the real estate spaces are taken over by hoardings, banners and posters. Now just look around yourself and see what people are doing.

They are on their phones, aren’t they?

Who has got the time to look above and see the clear sky, everyone is on their mobile phones scrolling through some social media feed watching some cat videos, playing some games or else dredging up for some content online.

So why not opt for digital marketing as a whole to gain more eyes and awareness for your branding. You’ll end up reaching the most potent set of buyers of your products and services. I am not assuring that every visitor coming to your website is going to buy it out or you are getting a conversion(sale) in the first click, but it is the cheapest way to do so.

2- You pay for only the actions made, nothing extra

Suppose you manufacture/sell home furnishing product. Think about sharing an ad space in a newspaper or any hoarding nearby a place where there’s a good viewer share. Now suppose there are 100 people who are looking at your advertisement that says “Our contemporary collection for your new home”, but only a few out of those 100 people actually own a house and others live on rent and they don’t want to buy anything sooner. Result? It may not be effective every time but you end up paying the whole amount of money just to get your ad positioned at that particular space.

On the contrary, you get your ad online, set up some ad campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Adverts Manager do some keyword research and analysis or hire some expert to do it for you as the process is a bit redundant and needs constant attention, else you end up burning money anyway; do a narrow targeting to show you ads to relevant audience who are looking for something similar to what you sell can actually get you quality conversion and awareness to the relevant people. And the good thing, YOU ONLY PAY FOR THE CLICKS that took them to your site.

Cost effective, isn’t it?

But did you burn your cash?

3- Digital marketing is not as easy as it seems.

You create a campaign out of curiosity, put relevant keywords and allocate budgets. Now what?

You enjoy seeing your website on the first page and perform tedious searches out of fun again and again, and end up burning your budget and yell out bad gasps about digital marketing. That’s not fair!

If you want a cost effective branding and conversion over the www, either get a good knowledge about digital marketing and PPC methods, or else hire a freelancer/full time digital marketer who does it day and night. He/she would charge you an x amount that surely will be lesser than what your profit amount would look like.

I hope the above article helped you in a manner that benefits you as a business owner/digital marketer

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