UX vs UI Design : A biased, yet simplest explanation

Anurag Ganguly
2 min readMay 3, 2022


Uh, oh. This can be biased, as this article comes straight from my own experiences, untouched.

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Let’s skip the useless pretext and get started with why you are here, reading this particular article.

So What is UX Design?

UX (User experience) design is a part that does not deal with “how the product would look exactly like” at the end. But it surely is the way “how the product might feel and operate”.

And then what’s UI Design?

UI (User interface) design is more or less the visual part. Let’s say the graphic user interface is basically the exact representation of “how the product will end up looking”, along with “what kind of interactions would play along and what colors/font choices would manifest.

What about roles and responsibilities?

A generic day to day life of UX designer can hover between

  • Creating flow charts
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Researching & analyzing heat maps
  • Building user personas
  • Running usability tests
  • Building design systems
  • (Sometimes, actually designing the UI, too. *ahem* Yes!)

And what about UI Designer?

While a UI designer can be mastering between a lot of duties ranging between (not limited to)

  • Designing screens with proper graphical UI
  • Taking care of color palette and typography options
  • Making sure design is pixel perfect
  • Working and leading ahead on the provided design systems, etc

Although, take my information with a grain of salt.

UX/UI Designer’s responsibilities differ from organization to organization, client to client, and project to project.

“A good designer is generalist, anyway” ⚡️

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